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World Premiere

Tonight (at 9:50pm local time) as part of the 54th edition of the famous Worldfest in Houston, TX, "Le Cineaste - a director's journey" has its official first screening in a theatre.

It's an amazing event considering the SarsCoV-2 pandemic that hit the planet and closed all theatres. But cinema will go on and survive.

I hope this is a slow reboot of the film industry after the long lockdown where the audience had the only choice of the fast growing online platforms to watch a movie.

Luckily, thanks to internet and the modern technology, we could at least continuing watching beautiful films staying at home. But we should not forget what it means to watch a film in a proper cinema and share the atmosphere and the moment with other people.

I am very grateful to the Worldfest selection committee to have selected my film for this year program and giving this unique opportunity to show it on the big screen.

On Sunday 25th April, they will announce all the awards, so let's keep the finger crossed for "Le Cineaste".

Check the website: Worldfest

More updates soon.

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