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pre-cannes screenings

"Le Cineaste - a director's journey" is going to be screened online at the "Pre-Cannes Screenings" as part of the Marché du Film 2021 in Cannes.

Due to the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic, this year the European Film Market will have a 5 days pre-screening online event, from the 21st until the 25th of June 2021.

The Cannes Film Festival and the usual Marchè du Film are planned for July (6th-17th) instead of during the usual May dates.

The planned on-line screenings of the film are:

Thursday 24th at 10:30 and Friday 25th at 10:30.

The screening times are all the same around the world, so no time difference calculations.

Only film buyers and film distributors area allowed to enter the website and watch the screened films so for an open screening to the public, we need to wait a little bit more and hope that the film will eventually be acquired by a distributor.

This showcase is probably the most important and famous of the entire film industry.

Thanks to Princ Films (the official sales agent of the film) "Le Cineaste" has the great opportunity to be screened as part of the European Film Market in Cannes this year.

So stay tuned and follow the film on the social media and on the IMDb page:

Thank you.


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