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More awards this month for "Le Cineaste - a director's journey".

We received the Award of Prestige at the Vegas Movie Awards for

- Best Narrative Feature Film

- Best Director Feature Film

- Beast Leading Actor Feature Film (Gary Condés)

and we finished SEMI FINALISTS (that means among the best 6 nominations) for:

- Best Actress (Georgia Winters)

- Best Cinematography (Paul Newton)

- Best Original Score (Pablo Davilla)

- Best Screenplay (Gary Condés and Manlio Roseano)

Again a very good result among this year festival circuit. As we know the Sars-CoV-2 virus has deeply damaged the cinema industry (the legendary Cinerama Cinemas in Los Angels seem they will not reopen, ever) so many festivals opted for an on-line version only and other unfortunately were cancelled completely. It would have been nice to travel to all these festivals and receiving all these awards on person. Also it would have been really rewarding having the film projected in a bug cinema. Well, let's hope for better times.

Thank you to all my wonderful crew and brilliant cast for all the passion and work they put into the film.

These awards are for all of you!


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