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Hat-Trick for Le cineaste

Another Three Awards for "Le Cineaste - a director's journey"!

In this month Berlin Movie Awards festival, the film won Best Picture, Best Director and Best Actress.

Also this is the third time my films are selected at the Worldfest in Houston and all three times they have received an award.

This time we got the Golden Remi Award for Best Feature Film.

Congratulations to all my crew and cast for their amazing job during the difficult shooting of the film. And, in particular, congratulations to Georgia Winters for her performance.

Today's festivals have changed a lot especially these two last years due to the world pandemic. Many had to be cancelled and others could only opt for an online version. The Worldfest in Houston was one of the few that could take place in a proper cinema and screen the films where they really belong. The online submissions and screenings made a lot easier for independent filmmakers to show their work. So although we all miss the viewing of a film in a cinema and the physical festivals with the human contact, we should be grateful that thanks to modern technology we still have a lot of space and opportunities for independent films to reach their audience.

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Check the latest news on the website and on the IMDb Page.

Thank you!

Manlio Roseano

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