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"Le Cineaste - a director's journey" was recently nominated in the top five categories at the Five Continents International Film Festival this year.

Last night the decisions were finally made and we received the following awards:

- Best Comedy Feature Film

- Best Cinematography

- Special Mention Director Feature Film

- Special Mention Lead Actor Feature Film

- Special Mention Lead Actress Feature Film

So first of all I wanted to congratulate my dear friend Paul Newton for winning Best Cinematography. A well deserved award considering that Paul did almost everything by himself, lighting and operating the entire film. Due to the budget and schedule restrictions we couldn't afford a big technical crew and therefore the task was even more hard and complicated.

Well done Paul!

I am also very happy that my two main actors Gary Condés and Georgia Winters got the Special Mention for their great performance. Working with them made my job as a director incredibly easy. If I also got a Special Mention is thanks to all my cast. It was a true pleasure working with all of them and an amazing fun to hang out with.

Finally I'd like to thank all the crew and cast together of "Le Cineaste" for the Best Comedy Feature Film award. Their job, dedication and passion made it possible for the film to reach such high level of quality. This award is dedicated to each cast and crew member.

Thank you all.


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