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Martin Scorsese about the modern film industry

His recent essay on Harper's Magazine was like a bolt from the blue.

Scorsese by talking about the great Italian cinema master Fellini, brings up the problem of today's modern film industry. It's all about the business.

Film is an art form!

“Everything has changed—the cinema and the importance it holds in our culture. Of course, itʼs hardly surprising that artists such as Godard, Bergman, Kubrick, and Fellini, who once reigned over our great art form like gods, would eventually recede into the shadows with the passing of time,” Scorsese writes. “But at this point, we canʼt take anything for granted. We canʼt depend on the movie business, such as it is, to take care of cinema... Those of us who know the cinema and its history have to share our love and our knowledge with as many people as possible.

And we have to make it crystal clear to the current legal owners of these films that they amount to much, much more than mere property to be exploited and then locked away. They are among the greatest treasures of our culture, and they must be treated accordingly.”

Martin Scorsese Says Cinema Is Being ‘Devaluedʼ to ‘Contentʼ in Essay Criticizing Modern Film Industry

Le Cineaste - a director's journey is a film about what's happening now in the film indusrty.

The first line of the film is: "Is cinema dead?" and the famous clip in the park is about the very same concept of cinema 'devalued' to 'content'. Also the two main characters are watching Fellini's "8 1/2" in one of the scenes. Coincidence or prophecy?

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