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Le Cineaste

a director's journey

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THE outline

An ambitious and  true cinema film director is struggling to make his next film in today's changing and commercial orientated cinema industry.

the synopsis

After his first critical and commercial success, director Marty Reed battles to get his next film made his way, staying true to his vision. Faced with today’s rapidly changing cinema industry, its sex scandals and the dominance of online platforms that are changing the visual language, the production process and the way films are consumed, Marty is forced to re-evaluate his position as filmmaker and value as an artist.



"It was a great privilege working with these amazing actors. They really made the film"

Manlio Roseano

Christopher Goh

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The Crew

"I've never worked with such a group of professionals!

Thanks to all of you for making the dream come true" 

Manlio Roseano

Writer, Producer, Director

Director of Photography

Sound Mixing

Sound Recordist

Arianny Canepa

Sound Recordist

Costumes Designer

Make-Up & Hairstylist

Pablo Davilla

Music Composer

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